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The Action Item Guide is a working document that we hope will grow with additional input from residents across the Upstate. Please share your regional actions in the form below.

Working with leaders and community stakeholders in Anderson, Pickens, Easley, Liberty and Clemson, I have been working on promoting mutli-modal - specifically bike and pedestrian - transportation facilities and plans. Lead by the efforts by the amazing efforts in Greenville and Spartanburg, I have seen a growing interest in biking as a means to promote healthy lifestyles, safe and fun family time, recreation/enjoyment and as a transportation option across the Upstate.

There are bike plans and initiatives currently going on in the following communities: Clemson, Pickens, Easley, Liberty and Anderson. Some are more organized efforts than others. I've been tracking some of these on my blog:

I've also been involved with an interfaith effort to promote environmental stewardship/being green/environmental awareness in the great Clemson and Upstate area. I've been involved with efforts at my church community (the churches of St. Andrew's, St. Paul's and St. Francis's Catholic Churches), the Clemson Area Congregations in Touch organization and through the the very beginning of the development of the South Carolina Chapter of Interfaith Power and Light. Interfaith Power and Light is a national organization that promotes the environmental movement (and related topics) within faith communities and peoples of religious organizations. SCIFPL has a facebook page (just search for the organization in facebook or on the web).

I am very passionate about both of these efforts. And combining my personal passion with my professional training - I have a Masters Degree in Urban & Regional Planning from the University of Wisconsin-Madison - I am excited to be a part of a grassroots effort in the Upstate!

If you'd like to learn more about either of these efforts, please feel free to contact me.

Tanya DeOliveira - Central

I want to be involved with the educational aspects of our children. I think that finding a means of promoting mentors, encouragement students, creating accountability, and establishing an atmosphere of high expectations is vital to our state's future. This is a tremendous opportunity to get many onboard. Congratulations to such a well thought out vision. I want to be involved.

Lucy Beam Hoffman - Greenville

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