Rural Village

The pattern of growth known as rural village development concentrates residential and commercial growth within the boundaries of small towns and cities while also preserving the rural character of the area just beyond the city limits.

Characteristics include:

  • Concentration of new residential and commercial development in small towns as well as larger cities;
  • Avoids concentrating new development in agricultural lands, forests, natural open space, and other previously undeveloped lands;
  • Goods and services would be concentrated in town and city centers;
  • Mixes jobs and housing in town centers and within urban village boundaries;
  • Leaves wide open spaces for agriculture and recreation


  • The Rural Village pattern of development would preserve the character of urban centers and small towns, allowing them to enjoy a renaissance;
  • The encroachment of urban development into farms and natural areas would be reduced;
  • This pattern conserves natural resources, open space, and agricultural lands;
  • Agriculture activities would remain a viable option for large swaths of the region's land under this pattern of development.
  • Increase economic vitality of towns as a result of an increase in businesses and residents.