Natural Resources

The Upstate's natural environment is a defining characteristic of the region. The mild Upstate climate allows residents to enjoy outdoor activities throughout the year. Mountains, lakes, rivers, state parks, and other natural attractions provide recreation and add to the local quality of life. However, the tension between natural and human environments, common in growing areas, is playing out in Upstate ecosystems as we try to restore past damage and avert further damage from human use and built environments. Preliminary data indicate that the Upstate will not meet new federal clean air standards, and runoff from urban and suburban areas has impaired numerous streams and rivers throughout the Upstate.


Clean Air Spartanburg
FOLKS: Friends of Lake Keowee
Friends of Lawson's Fork
Friends of the Reedy River
Glendale Outdoor Recreation School
Pacolet Area Conservancy
Palmetto Conservation Foundation
Palmetto Trust
Shi Center for Sustainability at Furman University
Sierra Club- Bartram Organization
Sierra Club –Foothills Organization
Spartanburg Area Conservancy
Statewide Water Resources
Sustainable Greenville
Sustainability Institute (based out of Charleston)
Upstate Forever


Audubon South Carolina
Nature Conservancy
SC Department of Natural Resources
SC State Parks
SC Trails
SC Wildlife Federation