Land Use Pressures

While sprawling development that seems to have no consistent pattern is certainly evident in the Upstate, the region has not yet dealt with quite as much land use pressure as other regions across the country.

However, according to a number of recent studies, if the Upstate does not make some important changes in the amount of land that is developed to accommodate every resident in the region, it may not be long before many parts of the region become blighted with the type of sprawl that is common in other places.

In 2000, approximately 643,399 acres of land across the region had been used to provide the built environment (homes, schools, businesses, shops) needed to accommodate the population. If the current trend of 2.67 acres of land in development for every new person in the region continues, by 2030 more than one million additional acres of land in the Upstate that was previously open space will be part of the built environment.